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When the DSA introduced the Taxi driver test in 1999, it rapidly attracted the attention of local councils, more and more of whom require that it be passed before granting a licence. This test is not a simple case of proving that you can drive correctly, but that you are a safe and courteous driver when on the road. The DSA do advise that all entrants take instruction to ensure that they are perpared and not wasting their time.

Any driver after a period of time develops habits, not all good, and would probably not pass the standard driving test again without at least some refresher training. This is not criticism of individuals and their driving, but merely to make people aware that Hackney/Private Hire drivers have a special responsibility in the safe transportation of fare paying passengers. Taxi drivers make millions of safe and efficient journeys each year and the safe completion of each journey totally depends on the skill of the driver. This is reflected in the fact that many of the Local Authority Licensing departments now require taxi drivers to undertake a taxi test to obtain or re-new a Hackney/Private Hire licence. As a DIAmond Accredited Taxi-driver Trainer ( DATT ) I am able to offer training in the necessary skills and knowledge which are required for the taxi driving test.

The minimum standards the DSA Taxi Test examiner will be looking for are:

  • Accumulate no more than 9 driving faults ( 15 for a learner driver )
  • Record no serious or dangerous faults ( immediate failure of the test )
  • Complete a controlled stop ( 1 in 3 )
  • Awareness and anticipation
  • Effective planning of prevailing road and traffic conditions
  • Correct use of speed
  • A manoeuvre involving reversing
  • Hackney/Private Hire car related exercise
  • Passenger safety and comfort

There will also be some major benefits for both the individual taxi driver and any company which hires them:

  • Better creditability in the local community
  • Better driving skills produce repeat business
  • Eco driving ( saving fuel, wear and tear )
  • Accident reduction
  • Lower insurance premiums

If you feel that this could benefit either yourself or a member of your team I can offer training which would cover, test requirements, candidates assessment drive,  practical coaching, passenger awareness, customer service, manoeuvres and a full debrief.

Why choose Austen's School of Motoring

  • DIAmond Accredited Taxi- driver Trainer ( DATT )
  • DSA approved driving instructor
  • NVQ level 3 in driving instruction
  • DIAmond Advanced Driver
  • DSA registered Fleet Driver Trainer
  • Professional liability cover
  • Public liability insurance
  • Grade 5 Instructor

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